Tuesday, October 20, 2009

misc day 3

Well, today was day 2 of my crazy workouts. I was up and at the gym monday @ 5:15 am. Yes that's correct, 5:15 am. Today I lifted @ 6:45 am and then did cardio @ 4 pm. Tomorrow is another 5:15 am cardio day. I hope that i'm not to sore from lifting today.

The man is sick again today. So to solve the travel issue, I think i need to say that it is not a romantic relationship and that it will never turn into one. Hopefully that will go over well. We'll see.

Quote of the day,
"ur gonna miss the meteor shower tmrw morning"
"underground...where r meteors usually? :)"
"ummm, nope"
"best time to see it 5am"
"u serious?"
"yep, i will be @ the gym cult"
"r there really meteor showers in the AM tmrw?"
"yes, check yahoo"

i'll have to explain about my friend who claims not to be gullible, but the dictionary has her pic next to it.

Monday, October 19, 2009

day 2

today hasn't been very productive, at least with the man.

i was at the gym @5:15 this morning and then took my car in at 7:30 and then worked 9-4, then picked up my car.

the man is sick, so he's a big whinny baby until he gets better...oh well

Saturday, October 17, 2009

day 1

as i sit in my room, listening to the bubbles in my pop can ping against the can, i just can't help wonder why everything is so confusing.

i'm back with my man (if you can call it that)...which would usually be a good thing. (the man situation is very complicated, as most are, but this one is especially, because we're not exclusive, and despite what my friends say i just can't quit him, he's my best friend too) today, we got into a subject that he doesn't like much. i'm going to visit a male friend. i guess i should put that in caps FRIEND, to emphasize that he is just a friend! according to the man, i should not be hanging out with just me and another guy, even though we are just FRIENDS. I try to be up front and tell him these things so that it can't back fire on my for sneaking around, but it just fires, before it has a chance to back fire. i guess this is just one of the things i'll never understand.